Jumbo Mortgage Loan

If you are looking for a jumbo mortgage loan anywhere in Texas, you’ve come to the right place! Here we share essential information that will enable you to locate the loan program that best meets your needs, whether you are purchasing a home, or refinancing your current mortgage loan with a jumbo mortgage.

Our jumbo mortgage financing interest rates are well below the national average and have the added benefit of low down payment options of only 10% down.

We Have Solutions To Your Mortgage Needs!

  • Jumbo ‘split’ mortgages. The first lien at $417K, with a second lien covering the difference. WE CAN HELP!
  • Interested in refinancing your ARM to a fixed rate? WE CAN HELP!
  • Looking for a Purchase Mortgage over $417,000? WE CAN HELP!
  • How about a Jumbo Loan for a vacation home? WE CAN HELP!
  • Cash-out Refinancing up to 80%? WE CAN HELP!
  • Need financing on a 10-Acre residential property? WE CAN HELP!


The Current Market

The jumbo market has been challenging for many mortgage lenders. The traditional funding sources have dried up as banks have less available capital and insurers have sustained record losses while having to maintain their reserves. Lenders who formally offered a wide variety of jumbo loan programs have either shut them down completely, offered only adjustable rate loans, or offered fixed rates at substantially higher pricing.

We have access to several lenders who are providing jumbo and super-jumbo mortgage loan financing at very competitive rates.

The programs we have available include:

  • 15, 20, and 30-Year Fixed Rates
  • 10/1 ARMs
  • 7/1 ARMs
  • 5/1 and 5/1 Interest-Only ARMs
  • 3/1 and 3/1 Interest-Only ARMs
  • 1/1 ARMS